Welcome to Naturally Beautiful Plants

Naturally Beautiful Plant Products is a premier wholesale grower located in Western New Jersey. We specialize in growing an extensive line of spring and summer annuals, a complete Fall plant collection, and a festive line of holiday plants in November and December.

Our Address

283 County Road 519, Belvidere, NJ 07823
Phone: 908-475-1465 | Fax: 908-475-8515
Email: info@nbplants.com

Better Quality

If you would like to be added to our availability list, please email us at info@nbplants.com or call our office at 908-475-1465 with your contact information. Thank you for visiting and we’ll be in touch soon!”

Better Service

Our team at Naturally Beautiful Plant Products work extremely hard to bring you the best product possible. This means a lot of research and development goes into finding new and efficient ways for production, growing and shipping. We look forward to serving you this year and in the future.

Open for the Season